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Principal's Office Room

we are having all major facilities like revolving high-back chair, steel office chair, wooden chair, executive wooden table, computer wooden table, steel store well, telephone, ceiling fan, tube light, photographs, wall clock, flower port, leg wiper, dust bin, high quality big glass, cushion, wall peace, sofa-set for our Principal at Principal's Office.

Administrative Office Room

We have well equipped Administrative Office with facilities like store well, wooden office counter, wooden chair, plastic chair, wall clock, telephone, ceiling fan, tube light, wall peace, leg wiper, dustbin, etc.

Staff Room

We have well equipped staff room for 20 seating arrangements for Teaching Staffs with facilities like steel store well, Wooden Table, wooden chair, plastic chair, wall clock, ceiling fan, tube light, wall peace, leg wiper, dustbin, etc.

Multi-purpose Hall

We have one multi-purpose hall consisting of facilities like wooden table for student (four seated - 25 no.), wooden board with green glass, wooden chair, wooden class table, wooden lecture stand, stage table, computer, amplifier, ceiling fan, tube light, speaker, leg wiper, dust bin, wall peace, photo and slogan board.

Class Room

We have four class rooms with enough air ventilation and all the necessary facilities like wooden board with green glass, wooden chair, wooden class table, wooden student benches, ceiling fan, tub light, etc.

Library & Reading Room

The college is having huge and spacious library with furniture like plastic chairs (30 no.), wooden chairs (2 no.), wooden counter, wooden cup board, steel store well, steel store well with glass, wooden big tables (4 no.), periodical stand (2 no.), news paper stand (2 no.), tube lights, sufficient ceiling fans, dust bins, leg-wiper, wall piece, cotton sheet, magazine folder, wall-clock and more than 6300 books (3150 for B.Ed. and 3210 for PTC) for reference related to course and many journals and periodicals and daily news papers.

Following is a brief list of journals, periodicals and news papers subscribed by library.

Vigyan Prerana Uditya Achala
Class room techniques Uccha Shiksha Patrika Shikshak Mitra
Adhyayan - Adhyapan Shikshak Jyot Nai Shiksha
Ganit Shikshan Vigyan Darshan Gujarat Samachar (daily)
Ganit Darshan Primary Teacher Sandesh (daily)
Pragatishil Shikshan Primary Shishak Divya Bhaskar (daily)
MargDarshan GharShala Times of India (daily)
Swayam Shikshan Lok Jivan

Science Laboratory

Our science laboratory is equipped with green board (glass), class table (wooden), chair (wooden), stool (wooden), adequate equipment and chemical for practical, cup board (wooden), charts, fan, tube light, adequate raw material for practical, leg wiper, wooden table for practical, dustbin and other equipments to carry out science experiments.



Computer Laboratory

The college is having computer laboratory facility for students with more than 10 computer systems connected with LAN system and with rest necessary hardware and furniture like white board, dot matrix printer, air conditioners, wooden computer tables, plastic chairs (20 no.), ceiling fans, exhaust fan, tube lights, HP 610 inkjet color printer, wall clock, dust bin, leg wiper and above all Internet connection.



Educational Psychology Laboratory

Mirror Drawing Apparatus Borrach Test (with manual borbs-2)
Pyramid Puzzle Population Eduation Attitude Scale
Colour Preference Board Reversible Figure
Maze-Stylus Free Association list of kent
Maze-elevated Free Association list of kent & Rossant
Maze-Fingure Letter digit substitytion Test
Slot Maze List for Immediate memory span
Adaptation of junior Eysenck
Personality Inventory of Sybil -B.G. Eysenck
Desai's Varbal & Non-verbal
Group Intelligence Test
Finger dexterity Test Social Strees - Dr. D.J. Panchal
Koh's Block Design Test Anxiety Streess - Dr. D.J. Panchal
Hand Tally Counter Non verbal Group Intelligence Test
Stop Watch (Meanial) Desai Manifest Anxity
Mullar Iyer Intress Test
Memory Drum Desis Adjestment Test
Weight Suggestion General Intelligence Test
Alex pass Along Test Socio-Economical Studies Scale
Concept formation Social Attitude Scale (S.A.S.)

Apart from above mentioned aparatuses, the lab has furniture like wooden table, plastic chair, wooden chair, ceiling fan, screen, wooden cupboard, wooden board with green glass, tube light and dust bin.

Educational Technology Laboratory

Tap with Radio Ceiling Fan
Television Tube light
Audio Cassette Recorder Dustbin
Slide-cum-film strip Projector Slide Projector set
Over head Projector Tape Recorder
Amplifier V.C.R.
Loud Speaker Steel Store well
Microphones Wooden Chair
Computer Adequate Chart, Slides & Transparencies
Video Camera Adequate Cultural material for preparation
School Subjects - Maths, Science, Languages & Social Science Slides & Transparency Adequate Art, Music & Physical Education Equipment
Blank Audio Cassettes

Workshop & Teaching Learning Material Room

Wooden Cup board Wooden Chair
Wooden Table Tube Light
Raw Materials Ceiling Fan
Steel Stand for Charts & Maps
(24 Sheets per stand)
More than 1200 Charts, Maps & Roll up Board
Adequate Teaching Equipments